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Examples of prior topics include:

Building a Healthy Culture Across the Family Enterprise
Developing a Framework for Inclusive Family and Family Enterprise Workplace Policies
Developing Appreciative Inquiry, Ethical Wills, Heritage and Legacy Documents Reflecting Family Cultures
Diversity and Cultural Influences on NYC Families and Their Enterprises
Embedding Your Family Values
Family Business Boards
Family Conflict - What are Your Options?
Family Entrepreneurship and Family Banks
How to Foster Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Relations and Dialog
Making Work and Life Work for You and Others
Privately-Held Business Governance
Professionalizing Your Family Business
Raising Family Business Children
Understanding Cultural Differences and Influences from Around the World

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February 8th, 2018NYCFEC Next Gen Council ℠ Meeting
April 27thNYCFEC 2018: Building a Strong Family Business Foundation - Part I
Starting May 11thNYCFEC AM Series: Managing Family Conflict Series Part I, II and III
June 13th NYCFEC Elective - Having Difficult Family Conversations